True Ale Brewery founded in 2010 in Russian village Jelomeeno.
After few year it coming to Cyprus. Limassol.
We started selling our craft beer on the island in 2017.
Our brewery placed in Ypsonas village and we can produce 20000 bottles of beer yearly.

Now we brew 4 kinds of ales on a regular basis. Blond, pale, wheat and porter.
One or two sorts brewed seasonally.

We brew our True Ale from natural ingredients only.
True malt, true hops and true natural yeasts. No substitution or cheats.
We use Cyprus water and other authentical ingredients like oranges or carob syrup.
We use an old-school second fermentation technic. Our beer fermented right in the bottle, it’s not pasteurized and filtered.

It’s craft, natural and alive!


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