Want to be a true brewer?

We have a craft brewing and distilling individual courses for a different level.

True Beer Lover

60€ | 3 hours

Welcome to our brewery to see how beer is produced. And try it of course!
You will learn history of beer, brewing ingredients and process, beer statistics: ABV, SRM, IBU, gravity,
classic beer styles, tasting techniques and tips, beer glassware, pairing beer and food basics.

Included tasting all of our beers!

Advanced Homebrewer

240€ | 2 days

This 2-day course is designed specifically for homebrewers. The Advanced Homebrewer course takes hobby brewers beyond beer kits and extracts brewing into the realm of advanced brewing techniques.

The Advanced Homebrewer course will take students past their basic homebrewing skills and allow them to brew with greater ease, flexibility and accuracy.

We created the content of this course by adapting our professional educational content for application in the small-scale environment of homebrewing. Course materials concentrate on giving brewers the control they need to create the results they are looking for, no matter how complex the beer style or recipe.

The brew system and accessories are provided by one of the industry’s leading suppliers of small brewing equipment: Beer, Beer, and More Beer. Students will learn on a variety of equipment configurations ranging from inexpensive “stovetop systems” to advanced stainless multi-vessel tower configurations.

Advanced Distiller

240€ | 2 days

This course is designed to give students the critical information they need to create distilled spirits in a small-scale distillation environment.

Students will learn the theory behind working successfully in small distillery operations as well as related management and logistical issues. This course will give you the training you need to operate your distillery efficiently, safely, and profitably. During the two-days of the course, you will learn production techniques involved in distillation from grain, fruit and other products from start to finish. Sensory analysis is presented towards building an understanding of the positive and negative flavor attributes commonly associated with the production process, and visits to area distilleries give students a view of the basic operations of a small distillery.

If you are considering entering this quickly-growing segment of the alcoholic beverage industry, the Advanced Distiller course will give you a foundation of understanding on which you can build a successful career in craft distilling.

Basics of Commercial Brewing

480€ | 4 days

Regardless of the size of any commercial brewery, the goals of brewing operations focus on creating consistently high-quality beer in a safety-focused, efficient and profitable fashion.

The Basics of Commercial Brewing course gives students a lecture-based overview of small brewery processes and operations, followed by a brewery tour that walks students through the steps involved in brewing at the professional level. Discussions are presented regarding how breweries must operate towards attaining profitability through production planning, process maximization and on-time delivery.

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